LouKyCCDW.com is the place to obtain a Kentucky permit (commonly called a license) to carry a concealed deadly weapon in the Commonwealth of Kentucy.

We do our best to host at least one class every other month but that’s not always possible due to fluxuating demand. If you’re interested in a class and we don’t currently have one open for registration or posted on our calendar then please complete the “Contact Us” form on this website and we’ll be sure to add you to our database and alert you when we announce our next class. You can also follow us on our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/loukyccdw) where we always announce our classes when registration opens.

Because of the amount of time required for a class we always do them on a Saturday. When scheduled, doors open to our classes at 7:40 am and the class will begin promptly at 8:00 am. Kentucky regulates that the classroom portion be not less than 6 hours and be not more than 8 hours which means the classroom portion will end no later than 4:00 pm but we generally end very close to 2:00 PM and then head to the range. We sometimes hose our class at a location where we’re also able to have a range and complete the shooting requirement but if not then during the classroom portion we will provide perticipants with directions to the range. The range portion of the course will be outside and possible muddy so closed toe shoes are highly recommended.

Also regulated by Kentucky is the class cost which is $85.00 (includes a $10 range fee). It is not required that lunch be provided but we do include that at no additional cost for our class participants. If you have dietary limitations or restrictions though you should plan on bringing you own lunch. That said, in the past we have been able to make some reasonable accomodations and would be glad to explore that option with you if you’d like to contact us before your class.

ADVANCE ONLINE REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. We collect $5.00 up front online to reserve your spot in the class and the $80.00 balance is due in CASH (no checks or cards) upon arrival the day of the class. The $5.00 paid for registration is non-refundable unless we cancel/change the class date due to weather. Each class is limited to a maximum of 40 participants so register early!

Please explore our site and other social media pages. If you’d taken our class please tell others about your experience. Your positive and accurate review really helps us get the word out and also helps us all be safer in our community by encouraging the good people to have and carry firearms.